Clinton Lake Campout

Friday we were exhausted from our busy week. We decided to have a night in. Do a little bit of straitening up the house but mostly just relax. I grilled up some chicken and veggies and they turned out really good.

Photo: Sexy grill?

stooks came by and we had a couple drinks and watched tv and talked before bed.

Saturday morning we felt lots better and got busy cleaning and packing. Heath got after our room and I got after the kitchen and they both looked so much better when we were done. We had cereal for breakfast and brautburgers for lunch. The girls took naps and we finished up folding laundry and packing up our stuff and the van.

Then we took the girls to Heath’s mom and headed to Mikes house.We loaded him up then went to get Julie and we all headed to Clinton lake.

The sun was setting fast when we got to the Woodridge public use area. We grabbed a couple things and went to find a spot. We were not too picky so just picked the same spot I had camped last trip there. Heath and Julie got a fire going and the tent set up and Mike and I carried loads of gear/food/firewood/etc from the van to the site. It was very dark when we got done.

We had some coals ready so pulled them off the fire a bit and got some steaks and baked potatoes cooking.

While the meat cooked we had some drinks and got settled into the site.

We brought our good camera but the SD card died right off the bat and we could only take cell phone pictures. We added nice big mushrooms and fresh asperagus to the meat and potatoes.

Soon enough everything was ready and we got to eating.

It was great, everything tasted so good and we stuffed our faces. I don’t think there was anything but a few sticks of asparagus left when we were done.

We had some more drinks and built up the fire and hung out. After a while we got motivated for a little hike and headed out. It was great timing as we wondered out through some fields. We could see a bright orange moon starting to peak through the trees on the horizon and when we got to a big clearing it popped up above the lake.It was a great evening view.

We headed back to the campsite and brought big armloads of wood with us to burn. We drank through all the beer and a lot of the firewood before crawling into the tent for the night. It was pretty cool but in warm clothes in a good bag we were fine. We were tucked up against some fir trees and it stayed dark late in the morning. We got up around 9:30 in the morning and still had nice hot coals. It was warm in the morning and we got the fire built up and breakfast cooking.

We made some coffee then browned sausage and fried country potatoes.

Then added eggs and wrapped it all up in big burritos with sour cream, shredded cheese and enchilada sauce.

With stuffed stomachs we took down the campsite and hauled all the gear back to the van. We made some special hiking drinks and set off on the 4 mile trail.

Right away we spotted a deer and this weird shelter.

It seemed both deer and people had been in it.

We hiked some more

and worked our way to the lake and then followed it a way.

We expected cold weather but it was actually really warm.

The trip had an extra level of excitement because Mike proposed to Julie on Friday night and they were newly engaged.

We were stuffed from breakfast so never stopped for lunch and just hiked our way allong the lake and eventually back.

Then we headed home and dropped off the friends and joined in the girls. Pumpkin and Bean had a fun day/night but were ready for naps. I read my book as all the girls napped and then started making dinner. We had camp out leftovers with a big salad.

A giant apple cobbler, baked potatoes and some garlic and herb chicken breasts wrapped in bacon and coated with Parmesan.

Between the busy day, the full stomaches and time change we were pretty tired and just laid around all night and then went to bed.

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