My Morning

Bean was down to just green cubes (broccoli, green beans, or spinach) so this morning I made some yellow squash, black beans and blueberries for her. Yesterday she ate 10 cubes throughout the day so we are getting quite the little eater. She is also sleeping 10+ hours a night so I see a growth spurt coming soon.

Last night we were all hungry when we got home. Heath and I had medium sized, pretty healthy salads and Pumpkin had shells and cheese. We had not seem much of each other so just talked and hung out and cleaned until it was time for baby massage.

Baby massage was moved for the election. It was a pretty wild class as very few babies were interested and the big kids were in the same room for a while. It was calm relaxing quite time for the babies and it was loud run around and yell time for Pumpkin, Alli and a couple other big kids.

Bean wanted to play with the big kids and wanted nothing to do with the laying down and being rubbed. It seemed terrible at first then got so bad it was just funny.

Eventually we moved on from the massage to the pizza and talking and that was great. Heath left early and went to some show and the girls and I hung out till Bean got tired and then we went home. She fell asleep on the way and I let her sleep in the carseat while I got Pumpkin in the tub and clean. Then I almost got Bean changed and in bed without waking her. Even though she woke up she went right back to sleep.

Pumpkin and I read green eggs and ham in tub then she got on pajamas and we laid in my bed and read another Dr. Seuss book about space. Then we told some funny stories and quietly snuck into Pumpkin’s tent to not wake Bean.

I was really tired from the previous short night and fell right to sleep. I didn’t even wake when Heath came home.

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