Lots of Outdoor Time


I worked some late hours early this week so I headed out a bit early yesterday. I changed and picked up Berry and we headed out to the woods.


We ran the trails at minor park and it was great. It was like 70F clear and sunny. We had a really nice run and both got winded several times.


After the trials we went home and I dropped Berry off. Got a bit of dinner started and then went to pick up the girls from school. Heath was running late so we went strait to the park.


It was pretty busy and before I even got Bean over to the playground Pumpkin had her boots, socks and jacket off.


I made her wear the jacket a bit but she complained of being hot so she got to take it off and Bean wore it since she can’t complain of being hot or wearing a jacket way to big.



The girls had a lot of fun running, crawling and climbing all over.

 IMAG0208   IMAG0214

Heath met up with us and ran 4 laps around the trail and we played some more and did some swinging.

.  IMAG0215

Both the girls loved it but it was getting dark and cool. Once Heath finished her run we headed out. We dropped my truck at home and then went to Aldi. We needed a lot of good groceries and went to our backup location to try out the holiday wine they were pushing on facebook.

We were all pretty hungry so rushed our way through the store and Pumpkin ate an apple while we shopped. Then we headed home and finished up dinner. We were all pretty beat so ate on the couch and relaxed some. Then Pumpkin got a bath and both girls went to bed.

Heath did some workout exercise stuff but I was pretty worn out from doing some in the morning and then having an intense run so I just read and watched. Then we headed to bed too.

Last night we also got a package with a canvas print we got for Heath’s mom. The flash dulled it in this picture some but it turned out really nice.

It was of this shot and looks really bright and nice.



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