Not a Great Weekend


Actually Pumpkin’s weekend was not bad but she was coughing real bad last night/this morning so I am betting it’s about to be worse.I just liked this picture.

Friday was fun, Heath and I went to a post election party at a coworkers house.


Her sister Jendra watched the kids.

Saturday we took care of random chores and such and then went to Center’s playoff football game. We waited until after naptime to go and the game had already started. We got there right when halftime started and we could not get in. Everyone was pretty bummed so we watched from the fence a bit.


Pumpkin really wanted some of those chips with cheese dip.  To cheer everyone up we went to see a friend.

Photo: Pumpkins boyfriend <3

and play on his toys.


Bean had been not feeling great and started spending most of her time doing this.


We let the kids play a bunch and get happy meals and ice creams and no one even remembered the game by the time we left.


Once home the kids got on pajamas and we watched a redbox Madagascar 3.

Bean just laid around and fussed and got warmer and warmer. At the end of the movie she was at 103.7 F and counting we called the doctor and he said to bring her in. My mom agreed to throw a sleep over party for the big kids so we dropped them there and took Bean to Urgent Care.

We were there about 2 hours and her temp came down and they tested her all out and assured us it was a bad upper respiratory infection (cold virus).

She had a pretty rough night and was still in the 101-102 area in the morning. I went to get the kids and take them to church and Peanut’s Sunday school. Sunday school was canceled so we came home and had a giant brunch instead.

Heath and I worked out a Bean plan for today and then I came into work to get some stuff done. Stooks came over while I was gone. Once home we watched tv had a few drinks and played wii while Pumpkin napped in her room and Bean napped on Heath.

Stooks headed out and Heath and Peanut ran some errands then I got busy working on dinner. Heath looked over some veterans deals online and decided to go grab some free food and she took Pumpkin with her.

Peanut and I had chili and played more wii and took care of Bean. They came home and brought lots of leftovers and we all just hung out until bedtime.

This morning I came in to work super early to finish getting ready to not come into work today. About to head home and let Heath head to work.


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