Sicky McSickerson

So my sweet little Bean is still sick.  Chris was home with her yesterday, and they had a simi productive day.  Her fever is running between 100 and 99, so I don’t know if a Dr would even consider it a fever any more.  She is, however, still really, Really, REALLY congested, and having a hard time breathing.

Last night when I got home, Chris had already picked up the kiddo’s and he was getting dinner ready.  Peanut was playing a Wii game we had rented from Red Box (we didn’t know they did this till yesterday, but it is pretty good deal), and Pumpkin was telling me not to walk on the floor because it was wet (She was pretend cleaning it). So we had dinner, and afterwards I put Bean to bed, and then headed there myself, as I was up with Bean a lot the night before.

I believe Chris and the big kids played Wii, and did some other fun stuff, but I’m not sure.

Bean got up a few times last night, and Pumpkin’s cough increased significantly, and this morning both her and Chris were feeling yucky, and Bean seems worse.  So I think I’ll call the Doc and see what they say if they our sick family to come visit and see if they can make us feel better.  Peanut is still sleeping for now, but hopefully when he does get up, he is not sick too.

Happy Tuesday.

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  1. Lynsey says:

    Ugh…boo to the sickies! Hope you ALL get well soon!

  2. DB says:

    Sorry to hear that. We’ve been passing something around the house for the last few weeks and it’s pretty miserable! Something going around…

  3. TheMrs. says:


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