I Know Driving Is Fun But Please Look Forward

I didn’t take any pictures yesterday. The night zipped by I had a doc appointment earlier in the day and they gave me different ear drops for my ear infections and then at the end of the day Bean had a doc appointment. She is doing fine as we suspected.

By the time we got Pumpkin from school and everyone home it was late. I made a big chinieseish dinner. We had rice and then a pan with a bunch of veggies in a sweet sauce and I also breaded and fried up shrimp and chicken.

Dinner went well and everyone ate it up. We didin’t have long after dinner before Pumpkin needed a bath and books. Heath worked hard cleaning and rearranging the girls room and got done just in time for us to tuck them in. The rest of the night I just did some dishes and got things ready for today then went to bed nice and early. I got to get good and well for the Triathlon on Saturday.

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