Bath Pop

Heath and I met at daycare and I took Pumpkin on to tumbling class and she took Peanut and Bean on home to help make dinner.

Pumpkin did great at tumbling but her teacher broke her toe part way through class and another teacher had to take over. Pumpkin did not mind but I was making my yikes face.

Meanwhile Heath was busy at home with turkey leftovers and veggies.

She made a pot pie

and it baked up awesome

She also made mashed potatoes from cauliflower

Just like pinterest said they looked just like mashed potatoes when done and tasted great.

Pumpkin and I came home and we all sat down to eat with big smiles on our faces.

The kids ate good and Pumpkin got to have a Popsicle in the tub afterwords.

Before bath-time though we cleared the table and the kids wrote letters to santa.


I made a video but forgot to focus it. I’ll edit it a bit and post it later but it will be out of focus.

While Bean was in the tub Peanut and Bean went to Aldi with me for a load of groceries. When we got home I got Pumpkin and Heath got Bean in bed and Peanut got a shower and did homework. Then I went out to test out a new toy.

Tony and Felicia got me this toy for being in their wedding. I loaded it with sticks and a bit of paper then lit it. Not much happened at first but I turned on the fan and it really got going quick.

So the part on the left is a little stove and I can take it camping and boil water or cook on it. It was easy to keep it going with little twigs and stuff. The orange thing on the right is a fan and battery. It charges from the heat of the fire and blows the fire to make it burn better. Also there is a little USB plug on it.

So while I was testing it out I charged up my phone.I got a charge from a fire. Pretty cool

I dumped out the stove when my fingers got cold and headed inside. Heath and I had ice cream cones then she gave me ear drops and we went to bed nice and early.

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