5 Kids and the Parents Get Crazy

I picked up the girls on my way home and Heath picked up Peanut and a powerball ticket. Jon and Amanda came by right after I got home and dropped off Alli and Kate for date night. Everyone was good

Until they got out of the driveway then Kate started crying and screaming. I tried holding her, putting her in the bumpo chair, rocking her and putting her back down with the other kids but she just screamed. So I put her in bed. She alternated between crying and nearly falling asleep for a bit but after 10 min she was just screaming and Heath had come home so we got her out and Heath rocked her and she quieted down. The other girls just played and did good.

Eventually I was able to get dinner ready and the kids started eating, I held Kate and Heath took a work phone call.

It was a slow meal with Heath and I eating in shifts and the kids showing off for each other and laughing more then eating. Eventually we all got fed and the kids got down and played play-dough.

Bean was a little sad that she didn’t get to play too but I gave her a sink bath and built a barricade to keep her away. We laid Kate down again and she fell right asleep. Bean did some dancing.

Jon and Amanda came back and we hung out and let the girls play some more and talked with them. When they left it was bedtime for the girls and we got them ready for bed. Peanut got showered and made his lunch. Heath and I got ready for bed too.

I got the letters to santa videos ready



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