Tomorow is going to be great

High of 64F low of 44F and a 20% chance of rain. If 7 years has taught me anything it is that everyone will be overdressed and hot. I seriously recommend shorts, hat, thin gloves and maybe a long sleeve shirt under your new Triathlon shirt. Or if you want to join but didn’t order a shirt, don’t worry at all. I may even have extra if we have no shows. We are running 4 miles strait down Wornal but we will probably stop at least half a dozen times and with about 20 of us you are sure to find friends at your pace (unless maybe if you are Jon sprinting in jeans and boots(and not necessarily going the right way)).

Here is 7 years of motivation in order:

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As usual after the run we will have piles of chili, karaoke, plenty of places to sleep it off and for those around in the morning lots of potatoes and eggs.

The only rule is no leaving shopping carts at my house.

Last night I probably should have started getting things ready for the weekend but I worked late and then rushed to help get Heath dinner ready. We had pancakes, sausage, roasted root vegetables and oranges. After dinner I gave the girls a bath together and Heath took Peanut to scouts. Then I got laundry folded and dishes done. When Heath got home we planned her trip next week some and then got to bed.

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2 Responses to Tomorow is going to be great

  1. The Mrs. says:

    Bring some beer to drink before and after..we should have plenty of sleeping spaces, and blankets…and be prepared to have some fun!!!!

  2. DB says:

    I think you’re selling those shopping carts short. Those are easily the best shopping carts I’ve ever operated. Could you imagine dumping a ferrari in a ditch and leaving it there? That’s just crazy talk.

    We saved national treasures on that day.

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