Triathlon 8 – A Hot December Night

Friday it was really nice after work. I grabbed the girls and went strait to the park. Heath met up with us and we played and took lots of pictures.

 IMG_5483 IMG_5508 IMG_5502 IMG_5527 IMG_5531 IMG_5539 IMG_5537

Afterwords we went home for a few minutes and did a little bit of getting ready for the run.Then we headed to a coworker friend of Heath’s for dinner. We had some great food and drinks and there were several kids to play together. We all stayed up late and then went home and crashed.Saturday morning we woke up with a lot to do. Heath and I had egg sandwiches, Pumpkin had cereal and oatmeal and then we got busy. We got the girls packed for sleepovers, Heath packed for CA, the house clean and set up for crashers and best of all we got chili cooking.

This years secret ingredient was braut burgers.

plus all the usual stuff

I’ve been eating leftovers ever since and I’ve had enough and froze the rest this morning but it was very good. Heath took the girls to their sleepovers and people started to show up and buy their shirts.

and get ready to run

Once everyone was there we loaded in a few vehicles and headed out.

The first stretch was just from the car through the parking lot to the backdoor at Hoopers.

We started out with a quick pace getting a drink and then running on.

It was hot and our only longish run was right at the beginning and we got sweaty.That didn’t keep us from running and drinking though.

It gets dark so early and feels later then it is.

Not sure what else to say we ran and drank and got silly.

After all that craziness we ran home and got after chili and karaoke.

Then we crashed for the night. In the morning we ate more chili with potatoes and eggs then laid around. Heath went to California. I eventually got the girls. We had a pretty relaxing night and got to bed early.

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