Father Daugher Week


I had a remote broadcast yesterday and had no time for a post.

So I guess I’ll catch you up on the last two nights. Heath is in California for a week so me and the girls have been having fun on our own. Monday morning I packed a picknick and we went strait from school to the park.


It was a bit windy but not bad. We played a bunch




Then we took an exciting PB and honey break.


It got dark so darn fast but the park was lit up so my 5 more minute warning got stretched pretty long. After the park the girls took a bath together and played in the tub good. Bean got tired and had some milk and went to bed. Pumpkin watched a Fresh Beat Band

While I unpacked and got ready for the next day. Then we read 4 books. 2 of them were Dr. Seuss.Then we went to bed. I did a bit of random chores and things from my productivity to do list then got to bed.

Tuesday I got held up at work a bit late and then rushed to get Pumpkin to dance. Bean and I hung out till class was over then we all went home and gathered a few things together and headed next door. Rachel and Alex had cooked us spaghetti and green beans and bread.

Bean and the adults dug right in but Pumpkin did not want to eat. Eventually she did try a bite and everyone was so excited she did she started shoveling it in to prove what a good eater she could be. Once her dinner was gone Rachel and Pumpkin made parfaits. They were really good.

Pumpkin ate hers up before I finished mine. Bean was about ready for bed so we headed home and gave her a quick sink bath before pajamas and bed. Pumpkin hopped in the tub while I got Bean down. Then Pumpkin played a few minutes and we read 2 big Dr. Seuss books before bed. I spent the rest of the night getting ready for today and doing laundry, building fire and making baby food.

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