Eating Dinners Heath Doesn’t Like

Pumpkin is drinking tomato soup through a straw.

Last night was our relax and get stuff done night. We headed strait home from school and put on some kids movies. I got busy cooking dinner for last night and tonight.

I cooked and watched the kids until Pumpkin started asking if she could eat. Then I served up last night’s dinner and took a break from tonight’s. We watched Tinkerbell (Netflix added some Disney Movies Yesterday) while we ate.

The highlight was tomato soup with noodles and onions and jalapenos for me. Plus I had a chunk o fish and Pumpkin had some chicken nuggets and we both had some veggies.

Bean had sweet potatoes, green beans and butternut squash and I left it chunky so she ate it all with her fingers.

Obviously right after dinner the girls needed baths so I got them in the tub. Shortly after Bean was clean Heath sent a message wanting to skype. I got her in pajamas and Pumpkin clean and installed skype on my laptop real quick then answered her call and stuck Bean by the laptop.

I finished up Pumpkin’s bath, wrapped her in a towl and brought her out.

They both thought it was pretty cool and told Moma all about our adventures and plans.

Bean got tired and said goodnight and I gave her a bottle and she got her asleep then came back to find Heath and Pumpkin still talking.

I had created a loaded meatloaf and partially cooked it. So I went ahead and iced it in mashed sweet potatoes.

I mashed a whole bag of sweet potatoes so there were lots of leftovers for Bean food. I also made her mashed white beans, spinach and peaches. So we went from nearly out of Bean food to loaded.

Pumpkin wanted to eat more carrots and tomato soup and watch Pocahontas instead of reading a book. I was okay with that as I had a lot left to clean up and get ready. She knew it was bedtime so really stuffed herself with noodles stalling. Then we brushed teeth and made up some stories and she went to sleep. I’d been doing loads of laundry all day and moved them around, loaded up the wood stove and decided to forget about the todo list and go to sleep early.

Tonight we are off to play at Success by Six right after work and then eat meatloaf if anyone wants to join us.


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