I went strait home from work and started the meatloaf in the toaster oven. Then I picked up the girls and went to success by six. The room was a little crowded when we got there but it cleared out and we had lots of fun playing.

Isabella Ballerina

Lightning McBean

Sisters Kitchen



Feather party

and Beans

plus a lot I didn’t get pictures of like the sweet house with a giant chimney Pumpkin and I built and Bean destroyed for us.

My stomach was really growling so we headed home and dinner was about ready we just needed to set the table and serve it up. We decided to watch Mickey Mouse during dinner.

We had meatlaof, mashed sweet potatoes and salad.

I had 3 servings and then put the meatloaf away before I injured myself. Pumpkin drained her milk then with some help cleaned her plate.

She was rewarded with a pudding cup.

Bean ate a bunch of sweet potatoes and some green beans.

Then the girls took baths together. Once Bean was clean I thought she was tired and gave her a bottle but after she finished she wanted to play so we put together a toy we checked out from the center earlier.

She was more interested in crawling around to the front then pushing it around for now.

Pumpkin took her time in the bath while we were trying to push and walk.Then she got out and Bean really did get tired so we had some more milk and Pumpkin watched tv and ate pudding.

Bean went to sleep and Pumpkin watched some more while I put away dinner. Then we read some books, brushed teeth and got Pumpkin in bed. I had 3 containers stuffed with laundry all clean so folded and watched some tv and then put everything away. It was past my bedtime when I finally got the laundry all off the bed.

Tomorrow I think we will have a little bonfire and cook some meals on it all day and let the kids play outside and stuff so feel free to come by anytime. Heath comes home Sunday.





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