Weekend Fun

We did our best to have a fun weekend even without Heather around. We didn’t do a great job of photographing it though.

Friday I drove around picking up all the kids. We hung out played and ate leftovers. Then we headed downstairs for movies & basement camp out. I put Bean to bed normally then the big kids and I made beds and watched movies in them. We ate dessert and stayed up a bit late then all slept down there. Everyone did great and wanted to do it again Saturday.

Saturday, friends came over to play. We spent the morning just hanging out letting all the girls play and adults talk.




After lunch and naps we headed outside to play and have a fire.


 IMAG0400    IMAG0401


We hung out till it started to get cold and dark and we started to get hungry.

Then we went inside and warmed up some dinner and played some more. Everyone ate and played until bedtime for the kids. Once they were in bed Stooks, Peanut and I played a board game then Peanut went to bed and Stooks went home.

Sunday we all showered and got dressed then Peanut went to CCD classes. After class we cleaned, ate lunch and watched chiefs. Both girls took big naps and I got a lot done around the house. After the game we headed to the airport and picked up Heath.

On the way home we had a bathroom break at a play place. Then went home for a big crock pot of some great stew. We got the kids to bed and then us.





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