Peanut is a little Holyer

and I don’t mean the missing tooth

Tuesday is our busy night and Peanut’s first confession bumped scouts off the agenda. I took the girls to tumbling and Pumpkin got busy having fun in the studio while Bean and I played in the waiting room chair.

12-11-12  Pumpkin

Heath and Peanut met us there and I took Bean and Peanut home and got started on the night. I tossed leftover stew in the crockpot and made a practice round of biscuits.

Peanut did his homework and packed a lunch for today then played on the computer and helped me keep Bean out of trouble.

We got dinner all ready and dessert and trash ready to go out, plus built up the fire and got Bean’s bag for today packed.Heath and Pumpkin finished up class and then came home.

12-11-12  Pumpkin

12-11-12  Pumpkin

When they got home we ate dinner and dessert then I got the girls in the tub. Peanut put on a nice shirt and Heather took him to church so he could tell the priest his sins, say some prayers and get a certificate. He didn’t have a lot to say about it this morning.

Once clean and in pajamas the girls started playing really well together so I let them.

I did a load of dishes and made some food for today’s lunch. Once Bean got fussy we started reading stories and getting ready for bed. Heath got home just in time to nurse and put her down. Peanut got ready for bed and Heath and I started organizing and wrapping xmas presents and we did a workout video. Then we went to bed too.





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