9 Months Old

Bean had a doctor appointment this morning. She is getting bigger all around but with all the crawling and pulling up and trying to follow Pumpkin she is starting to be more tall and less heavy. She is very healthy at 28.5 inches tall, 17.35lbs and has a 17.75 inch head.

Last night Heath and Peanut went shopping and then out to eat with some family so the girls and I were on our own again. Pumpkin and I were hungry on the way home and she asked for tacos and a movie. This sounded good to me so I got busy on dinner and she got busy playing with Bean.

I got a good taco spread ready and we sat down to eat.

She said she wanted 3 tacos but I didn’t expect her to eat all of one. I put on Rescuers Down under and we got busy.

She had 1 taco gone before I even got started. Bean was a little fussy and I was surprised to find her not interested in eating blueberries.The movie got too scary pretty quick so we switched to Tigger Movie.

Pumpkin ate all of 2 tacos and some salad. Bean did not eat much but made a big mess of herself. Once we were done I moved her right to the sink.

I got her all clean and then both girls in pajamas and they wanted to play legos and build a house for Cinderella.

They played and I got dishes done and lunches packed and other things ready for today. Then we wrestled and played for a while until Bean got sleepy. I put her down and then did some Christmas cards while Pumpkin did some sort of hop scotch on letters.

When it was time for her bed we read a book on the ipad and then she got ready for bed. Once she was down I headed downstairs and wrapped a bunch of Christmas presents. Peanut and Heath came home and Peanut went to bed and Heath and I looked over some presents stuff then also went to bed.

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