Heath worked from home yesterday and cooked us dinner and had it about ready when we got home. I hit aldi and picked up the girls on my way. We made some crosonts to go with Heath’s lasagna and then we sat down to eat.

Bean had her first applesauce and loved it.

Everyone ate good then we quickly put everything away got dressed and went to play.


We did a lot, here is a photo montage of some of it.








We stayed at the center for right around an hour and everything I built got destroyed. Then Heath and Peanut headed to scouts and took Bean with them and Pumpkin and I went Christmas shopping. Our trip went great. We picked up some donuts for a snack and to surprise everyone with in the morning.

Then we used the donuts as a bribe for good behavior. Pumpkin picked out great presents for her mom and siblings and we were in and out and headed home. Once home she ate a donut and got dressed and I read a book. She had been talking about the neighbors black and white cat so we told cat stories. Then we brushed all the donuts out of her teeth and she went to bed. I got busy wrapping presents till bedtime.

Heath and Peanut had some sort of scouts rave party with Santa?


It looks like Santa gave them pinewood derby cars.



Then they ate some cookies.  IMG_5851

and the sugar or something in the icing made them crazy.


(all accounts of what happened at scouts have been made up by me)

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