The Christmases have begun

Friday we got started working on the Todo list. The main thing was to make 50 something biscuits.







That went great. They were so good fresh out of the oven we had to do some testing. We ate leftovers for dinner and finished wrapping presents and had a laid back night. Saturday morning I headed into work first thing to help get our fundraiser started. Once all the kinks were worked out I headed home and started carrying thing next door and helping Heath get the girls ready for a Christmas brunch.


We had a great meal with lots of food.  IMG_5928

I loaded my plate up twice. Then it was time for some presents.

 IMG_5933  IMG_5966



Bean was sleeping during some of the fun but she got up just in time to open a present.


The girls played with their toys and family worked their way out. We hung out for a while before heading home. Heath and the girls took naps. I tried for a few minutes but then decided to work on the van instead. I changed the oil and tried to find a squeaky break. Once Heath was up we did some cleaning and straitening and ate some dinner.

After dinner a bunch of friends came over and we played Cards Against Humanity late into the night.

Sunday we slept in as late as we could then got up and had leftover biscuits and gravy. We worked on projects around the house in the morning then ran errands that seemed to take forever. We planned to cash in some free sandwich coupons at ChikFila and let Pumpkin play but they were closed on Sunday so we had to do McDonalds play place instead.

We stayed until it was getting close to the chiefs game then we went home and worked on stuff until the game started. We decided to do no naps and get to bed early. We watched the game and ate dinner and got everyone washed up and in bed.











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