Little Helper Monkey

I picked up the girls, gave Pumpkin a little snack and rushed off to dance class. We were a few minutes early so I had time to force a potty break out of Pumpkin and change a Bean stinker. Just as class was starting Heath and Peanut showed up so Heath took over watching Pumpkin and I took the other kids home to help get dinner ready.

Pumpkin had a great class with some giant bounce thing.

The bouncing kids moved so fast Heath could not get a good picture.

At home Peanut did his homework and I got a salad ready and a bunch of zucchini and squash cut and seasoned. Then I got the table set and some meats warming up.

Bean got bored with her toys and started following me around the kitchen. When she caught me she would climb up to standing on my leg and reach for me. Or she would climb the oven or cabinet or something near me for attention.

I’d carry her around for a few minutes but then put her back with the toys when I had to use a knife or fire or something dangerous.

Before the burgers hit the grill I got a round of kids and veggies stuff going.

Heath and Pumpkin came home and Pumpkin told us she did “nothing” at dance class. She also did “nothing” at school and ate “nothing” at all her meals. A few minutes later our Parents as Teachers lady showed up with a big box of fun for the girls.

Bean had some free playtime and Pumpkin had an assessment deal to do. She did great stacking and cutting and problem solving and the PAT lady had only good things to report but I know I overheard her “nothing” answer to a lot of the questions. 🙂

I kept the grill low and gave the girls time to finish before we ate. Dinner was good and we all dug in. The squash were a favorite. Mid meal Pumpkin asked for a bite of Heath’s cheeseburger.

Our eyes got big. Heath gave her a bite and she ate it and asked for more. Heath cut her a section of the burger and Pumpkin took a giant bite. It was too big a bite and part way through she had to spit it out. During her next bite we started telling our PAT lady about me wanting the kids to eat burgers and them refusing.

Apparently this story reminded Pumpkin about some secret pact my kids have and she didn’t want any more cheeseburger.However Peanut assured me that someday when he was old he would like cheeseburgers.

After dinner we showed off kids tricks/talents and just talked and played with the kids and PAT. Eventually it got kinda late and I got Bean in bed and Pumpkin in the tub. Our PAT lady left and once Pumpkin was clean Heath and her read some books.

Once the girls were gone Heath and I decided we were hungry still so I made a few egg sandwiches and got stuff for lunches today ready. Heath worked a bit on christmas projects until bedtime.


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