Our Private Pool

For no real reason last night we decided to have a special night with the girls. I picked them up from school and Heath met us at home and had a bag packed for us. We hopped on the highway and down down to the 18th & Vine district.


Pumpkin had gone to a movie at school and missed nap time so both girls fell asleep on the way. We decided to drive around a bit and let the girls sleep. Eventually we got to Arthur Bryants.


We parked and just hung out in the parkinglot and smelled and talked for about 15 minutes to let them sleep some more. Then we went in and got 2 plates.


1 was piled high with beef and beans and the other with sliced pork and fries. Pumpkin was a bit grouchy about being woken up and boycotted everything BBQ. She ate some apples we had brought and did some pouting. Bean on the other hand woke up hungry and started shoveling handfulls of beans into her mouth.


It was a proud moment when I saw her earn her first KC BBQ sleeve.


We have all been there.

Once 3 of the 4 of us were good and stuffed we headed to a community center down the street. We paid $4 and then headed to the pool.


Both girls were free and Heath and I were $2 each. The pool was huge and empty. There was also a big hot tub and saunas. Bean and I got ready on the mens side and Heath and Pumpkin met up with Bobbie and Adrian on the girls side. Then we got in.


Both the room and the water were really warm and clean. Pumpkin’s attitude immediately changed and she was crazy happy and ready to splash and play and smile.


We played for a little over an hour and everyone had fun. (Except Derrick because he didn’t show up.) The babies started getting tired and Pumpkin was wearing me out so we headed home. Pumpkin was starving since she didn’t eat dinner so she got to eat some speghetti Os in her pajamas before bed.



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