Happy New Year

I can’t think of any great stories from the weekend though we were pretty productive and ate pretty well and the girls were there normal cute selves.


Ballerina Dance

Microwaving Cheese

Besides bacon I made a bunch of homemade whole wheat tortillas, we put some re-fried beans in them then toasted them a bit and used them as scoops for some really tasty guac that Heath made.

A lot of my spare time was spent working on some trim. Friday we went up to Brian’s and cut some big boards for the mantle. Then Saturday morning I got busy pulling nails out of the crown and window and door trim that we need to put back up. There were a lot of nails.


but now all the boards are ready.



I carried them upstairs and Heath and I got them all sorted and made sure we had all the boards we needed for each doorway and window. We labeled them and then started working on a plan for how to make them look good.Most likely we will start sanding and painting soon.


That’s about it for the weekend or at least everything I have pictures for. Have a good New Years Eve tonight.






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