Date Night – Buns and Burgers


It was our turn to have date night so we dropped all 3 kids at Jon and Amanda and then hit the town. We went home and ditched the truck, built up the fire and then changed our minds about what to do. Instead of running in the dark we did a workout at home.

We got out of work clothes and after a warm up did a Tabata Training session. This consisted of only 3 things push ups, squats, and modified situps. We did eight 20 second rounds of each with 10 seconds rest between sets. So all 24 sets were over in 12 minutes. It was an intense 12 minutes and we are feeling the soreness today.

After getting all sweaty and buff we were worried about being in too good of shape so we headed to the bar for beer and giant greasy burgers and fries. John’s Big Deck took good care of us. We both ordered the build your own burger and loaded them with bacon, fried eggs and jalapenos. They were a big 1/2 pound and really good.

Once finished we went and hung out with the kids and Jon and Amanda. Everyone was tired so we rushed home and put everyone in bed.

We had a few things to get done around the house and then got to bed.



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