A Bit Late


I’m really getting a late start today. For the most part this weekend Heath fought off some sickness, the kids fought over control of the iPad and I hid in the basement work on projects. However we all ate well. We had chicken pot pie with cousin neighbors friday. Homemade chicken noodle soup Sunday to make Heather feel better and mini meatloafs with random appatizer type stuff with Mike and Julie on Saturday.

The best part were the stuffed peppers Heath made. They were spicy and creamy.

We got all our Christmas stuff put away, inside and outside the house.


We did a lot of cleaning and organizing too. I finished up painting the trim for the mantle.



I also got all the window and door trim sanded

cleaned and primed.


We need to paint it and then both the mantle and the windows and doors will be ready for nails.

All in all a pretty good weekend.

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