Park, Baths, Trim and TACOS!

Pumpkin asked about going to the park when I picked her up. I was cool with it so texted Heath and off we went.


It seemed pretty warm and sunny at school but once at the park it felt cool and a bit windy.We made the most of it and quickly had some fun.

 IMAG0504  IMAG0509

Our fingers started getting cold so I put Bean in my jacket and Pumpkin started running to the top of the big slide and then going down to stay warm.


Heath called and we told her we were getting cold so she and Peanut headed home instead.  We played a bit more then headed home.


We decided on tacos for dinner and got busy cooking.  They turned out really good and everyone ate good though Pumpkin needed some pushing. After dinner I gave the girls a bath.

Bean was a monkey in the tub rolling and climbing and splashing. Somehow I got them both clean without too much swallowed water. I left Pumpkin relaxing and watching ToyStory while I got Bean ready for bed. I passed Bean off to Heath and made a quick run to the hardware store for some nice trim paint. Then I put Bean to bed while Heath got Pumpkin in pajamas. We read some books and told some stories then she went to bed.

I headed downstairs and painted trim.


I really like this glossy oil paint I got. It seems really thick and nice. I painted for a little more then an hour before heading to bed. This morning I got up early and painted the rest of the trim. It’s supposed to dry for 24 hours and then I expect to put down another coat.



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