A Night of 6 Kids

Unfortunately I never thought to heap them all on the couch for a picture

I picked up the girls and Heath got Peanut on her way home. I was running late and they were already home along with my sister and Drake.


Shortly later Jon and Amanda dropped off Kate and Alli and went off for their date night.The next couple hours was pretty busy. We worked on dinner, keeping Kate from screaming, keeping the girls from hurting each other or Drake and I was trying to root my sisters phone all at the same time.



My sister has a Sprint Samsung Galaxy S3 and I followed a little 10 minute youtube video for the root. Once this was done we had access to install a program so she can set up a wifi hotspot and connect her ipad to the internet. The hotspot stuff gave us a little trouble but we got it figured out.

Chris showed up with giant duck kabobs. The kids had mostly eaten but the adults had been too busy so we loaded up the grill.


Besides ducks Chris shot those skewers are loaded with cream cheese, bacon, onions, jalapenos and pineapple. Plus they were marinated in something. They were really good.


It was kind of late after dinner, Chris, Kelly and Drake left and we started playing games with Pumpkin and Alli. Jon and Amanda showed up and joined us for duck duck goose and then we all hung out and talked and played a while. Before we knew it it was way past girls bedtime. So they rushed home and we rushed the kids to bed.

Once Bean was down and Heath was working on Pumpkin’s story-time I snuck downstairs and got busy painting.


I stayed up a bit past bedtime but I got it done.


So it’s just drying now but otherwise ready to start going up around windows and doors.

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