Big Ol Pizza

You would never know looking at her but poor little Bean is not feeling well.

Daycare called Heath yesterday afternoon when she was running like 102F fever. Heath picked her up but left Pumpkin so she would not miss Spanish class. Our plan for the night was to go play at Success by 6 but we decided that would probably spread germs. Bean was her normal self but felt hot and was still running 101 when Pumpkin and I got home.

I had seen a social media deal for $1 beers at Next Door Pizza and we knew they had a train table for Pumpkin so we headed there. Deep dish is their specialty so we ordered a Combination one and let Pumpkin play trains. Heath and I got some rolling rocks and fed Bean. She sat at the table eating beans and yogurt and seemed her normal self. Deep dish takes a while but it was worth the wait.

Pumpkin had filled up on apples and peanuts but still made room for a slice. Heath and I ate the rest of the whole thing.

Then we went home and right away put Bean to bed. Pumpkin got a bath and books and whatnot then she went to bed early. The trim paint was dieing and we were in pizza coma mode so laid on couch until bedtime.

I hope to brew this weekend, if you are interested in helping let me know. I have 3 kits to get started on.


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