Poor Bean is not feeling good. She had a fever at the end of last week and now is home with Heath and covered in a rash. She just wants to be held (by Heath) and sleep lots.It should last 3-5 days.

Pumpkin is doing fine and helped make dessert last night.

Heath was working from home and made us lasagna and then when Pumpkin and I got home they made some dessert. Pumpkin did a lot helping.

Our Parents as Teacher lady came over and showed the girls some toys but Pumpkin was hungry and Bean was sick and tired. So we ate dinner first. Bean was in no mood for dinner so she took a nap while we ate. We moved right into dessert and everything was great.

Then we played with the toys and talked about kids and development. Bean woke up and joined us and seemed to feel better and even ate some. The PAT lady left and we bathed Pumpkin and got both the girls in bed. Heath and I watched a bit of TV and pretended we didn’t have a lot of work left on the trim and then went to bed.

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