Home with Bean


I took the day off to stay home and help Bean recover. She seems to be getting better but is still grumpy. Last night we went grocery shopping.

Before that Pumpkin had dance class and we made a really weird pizza. We found a recipe for pizza crust from rice.

We cut up pineapple, zuchini, sweet peppers, onion and chicken.

We put the chicken in some sweet chili sauce. Then battered it in a mixture of panko, flour and a bunch of leftover red peppers and cracker crumbs from firecracker chicken.We put it on a pan sprayed some pam at it and then baked it.

We mixed 1/2 cup of plain yogurt with some more sweet chili sauce and spread it on the crust.

Then loaded it with toppings.

Last we tossed on the chicken, some shredded cheese and baked it a bit.

Pumpkin had the mild corner.

Everything turned out excellent. I felt ready to burst at the end of dinner.


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