Bean’s doing better


My day home with Bean was pretty busy. I got up at 5:15am ran a couple miles with Berry. Then I did some working out in the basement. Then I made a smoothy and some weird breakfast and Heath got up and got ready and we worked on getting Pumpkin ready. I helped get Pumpkin and Heath out the door and Bean was up and I got her eating. Then I sat down and drank my smoothy and ate egg fried rice with random veggies and leftovers in it.

Bean didn’t eat much and didn’t really want to play or anything. So I worked on things while holding her or in little spurts while she was distracted. I made a todo list and got busy on it. I also found ways of keeping Bean happy while I got stuff done.


I was making really good progress on my list and Bean taking two big naps really helped but work issues were slowing me down. Finally I got dinner done and Heath came home.

Peppers stuffed with meatloaf and a mini meatloaf blob

Bean got up from a nap, had some milk and then we went to pick up Pumpkin and run a few errands. First off to the Sears scratch and dent place to see if they sold BBQ grills but they didn’t.

Then we went to restore to see if they had crown molding that we liked better then the stuff we took down. They did not. We also looked for lights and other great room projects but didn’t find anything we were ready to buy.

We were all starving and rushed home. With the stuffed peppers we had dirty rice and sweet mashed potatoes. It all turned out not amazing but not bad. Just a bit bland.

Both girls ate good and after Bean played really good and Pumpkin took a long bath and watched Dora. Heath organized the girls dressers and I got back to my list. I worked my way from doorway to doorway filling in old and new nail holes.


Once done we got the girls in bed and then I cooked some stuff for Bean to take to school on her first day back in nearly a week. Then we planned some fun for the weekend and got to bed.

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