Finally A Good Kid

I Can Has Cheezburger?

Strait from work/school we headed to Success by Six for playtime.

 IMAG0542   IMAG0548

We stayed like an hour and a half and both the girls found plenty to do. Bean did a lot of assisted walking and really had fun climbing.

Pumpkin built a lot, cooked a bit and worked on some art projects a bunch.



Bean did try to eat a hamburger but unfortunately it was prepared in this kitchen.


Bean and I got tired and hungry and headed home first. She was worn out and passed out immediately. I fired up the gill and made some of my own hamburgers.


I also grilled sweet potatoes and squash and we had baked beans. Everyone ate good even Bean when she got up.

Bean is 100% well again so we are cutting her off from getting up at night for a snack/comforting. We figured it would be a rough night so we presented Pumpkin with a special treat. She helped make a sweet pink next in Peanut’s bed filled with Dorra and ladybug and other stuff.

Once she was bathed, teeth brushed and in pajamas we read some stories.

Heath gave Bean a bath and got her in bed too. We did a little bit of cleaning and getting ready for today then decided to do a bunch of reading until bed.


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