Indoor Waterpark


It was a 3 day weekend and we took full advantage of it. Friday was pretty relaxed really. We had chili leftovers and mac and cheese. Once the girls were in bed Peanut and I got busy working on pinewood derby.


He made his real car with his dad but after the real race there is an anything goes race where kids can race cars that didn’t follow the guidelines or dads or siblings can race. Peanut and I worked on a car for that race.

While doing this I tried to teach him a little about electricity.


We had some little motors and stuff from a kit of his plus we cannibalized a switch and some wire from other things around the house. We also wanted to make the car really heavy. We wired 4 batteries in series to a little propeller and a little motor connected to a wheel.


The motor on the wheel didn’t have enough power to do anything so we removed it. We didn’t want to ruin any of my old cars so we used electrical tape to hold everything to the car. Then Peanut gave it some flair.


Saturday morning I made a big breakfast then Heath and Peanut went to get weighed in. The girls and I met up with them at Burger King for lunch.

After lunch we all headed to the race.


The boys lined up and 3 at a time they raced.

(Peanut’s in lane 1)

At the bottom they passed through a little senor and lights lit up for 1st and 2nd place.


And the fans cheered.



Each boy got to race 9 times and they tried to mix it up so kids were not racing the same cars.


Peanut got 1st the first several races


But then he started getting quite a few seconds mixed in. Once all the kids had 9 races they figured out who won the post in the whole pack and who won the most in each den. There was a little break.


Then they worked on awards and had the free for all races.


At first they didn’t want to let Peanut’s car go because the propeller was really high and they were concerned about it weighing too much (2lbs). They tested it out and decided it would be fine and the working propeller was pretty popular.


Then they passed out the awards  IMG_7082

and we cleaned up and headed home.

Peanut and I ran some errands and checked out Tony and Felicias new house on our way home and the girls went strait to bed. Then Heath ran some errands.

That night Granny Donna came over to watch the girls and we went to my work holiday party. We ate a bunch of Jack Stack BBQ, had some drinks and talked with coworkers. It was pretty fun.

In the morning I made breakfast then took Peanut to Sunday school. I went to work for a bit then picked him up and we came home and ate lunch. Then we told the kids we had to run errands. We pulled into Great Wolf Lodge and Peanut started getting excited. We told him we were just going to go in for a minute so I could work on a computer for a coworker and then we would go shopping. Once we opened the trunk and it was full of our stuff for the night he knew and go really excited.

We checked in, grabbed a table and headed to the pool. 30 min or so after getting there Pumpkin asked if we could stay after I fixed the computer. I told her we were spending the night and she was really excited.


All our pictures from Sunday are on the water camera and terribly blurry so I’m not using them. Here is the best of the good ones.










We played until a little before 4pm then were starving and our room was ready so we went upstairs and let the kids relax.


I ran across the street for some BBQ.


We got a meal for 2 that fed the 5 of us and had some leftovers.Everyone ate like pigs and got stuffed.



We finished up and cleaned up and as the sun was setting my mom showed up.


She and Bean played and relaxed while the rest of us went back to swim. We hit it hard on the slides and other stuff and had lots of fun. The full stomach or something she ate went wrong with Pumpkin and we abandoned the lazy river half way through a ride just in time for her to puke.

It was bedtime anyway so we called it a night and headed to the room. We got the kids in pajamas.


Something was wrong with Pumpkin’s stomach and she got sick several times but didn’t seem to feel to bad and went right back to sleep afterwords. In the morning she was fine and ate a good breakfast.

We were all beat and slept in as long as we could then lazily picked up the room and got ready for the pool. We checked out at 11 and hit the pool.


We were not sure how the day would go as both girls seemed kinda worn out but they did great. At lunchtime we took a little break.

And then Kelly and Drake showed up to play.


All the kids were excited to have another friend.


We swam a bunch more before Bean seemed exhausted and all our stomachs were growling.

We changed and hit McDonalds up then headed home. I got called into work so Pumpkin and I dropped everyone off at home then rushed to the office. She slept on both trips. The rest of the fam barely had time to find Peanuts shinguards and change before they headed to Peanut’s first indoor soccer practice.

Eventually we all made it home. We started big fires in both fireplaces, pulled the couch and tv up to the upstairs one and ate frozen pizza and snuggled on the couch until bedtime.


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