Pumpkin’s School Program


I didn’t pick up the girls from school. Instead I went strait home and checked on my chicken. I had tossed a whole mostly thawed chicken in the crock pot that morning and loaded it with onions, cilantro and some seasoning.

The whole hose smelled good. I pulled all the bones out and shredded all the meat and set it aside. Then I tossed all the bones into a big pot with the skin and onions and everything from the crock-pot that was not good meat. I got that boiling and then added a bunch of beans, corn, tomatoe, green pepper and onion to the meat and put it back in the crock pot.  After my stock pot had boiled for a while I added it to the meat and other stuff and we had soup.It tasted pretty bland so I added some salt and other seasoning.

Then we rushed over to school for Pumpkin’s school program

She has had Spanish class for 11 weeks now and they were showing off for the parents. We already have noticed her using Spanish for colors and numbers and talking to Hispanic people at the Chinese Buffet.

All the kids did a great job but were uncharacteristically really nervous.


They did some speaking and some singing and dancing and the crowd cheered and clapped a bunch.  Bean was clapping, and dancing and loving the presentation.


After the show we had a Fiesta. We ate a bunch of Mexican food. The soup was a big hit and Heath and I thought it was still really bland but everyone loved the flavor. Bean ate a ton and the other kids ate good too so they got cake.


Eventually we were all fed and entertained and headed home. Bean fell asleep on the way and Heath got her strait in bed.

I read Pumpkin books while she took a bath. Heath headed next door for a sewing project. Pumpkin got clean, teeth brushed, pajamas on and hopped in bed.

I made some Bean food and a pie crust then put chicken leftovers into a pot pie. Heath came home and we went to bed.

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