Fun Night at Home

Bean fell asleep on the way home but we got the other kids busy right away. Pumpkin had to pick up 3 things and put them away and Peanut had to pick up 8 things and put them away. Pumpkin got motivated and asked for more jobs so she ended up emptying trash cans and setting the table and lots of little jobs. Dinner was mostly made from the night before so I just had to toss the pot pie in the oven and chop up some veggies for salad.

Then we sat down to eat. The home made crust was a little thick and aqward but it tasted fine and the kids ate it up. Pumpkin cleared her plate then asked for more salad. It was early in the night when we finished with dinner and Bean was still sleeping. We dug out some flash lights and Peanut’s night vision goggles and played hide and go seek in the dark. Both upstairs and downstairs were in bounds.

It was a lot of fun trying not to find Pumpkin too early when she started giggleing whenever the it person got close. Eventually she wanted to be it. She counted to 30 walked into the middle of the basement and got scared and called for Moma. The kids had made some dessert earlier so we decided to wake up Bean and eat dessert.

Of course it went over well.


Bean didn’t get any but was still happy.


We got the kids in pajamas and did more cleaning up in the familly room and a bunch in the girls room. Peanut read to Pumpkin for 20 minutes.


I took a reading on my Chocolate Coffee Stout

Camera 360

and it is doing just fine. I plan to filter it and add some coffee soon.Then we got the girls in bed and Peanut finished up homework then got to play games on my new phone until bedtime.

Heath and I worked on random projects and read till bedtime without ever turning on the TV all night.

This morning I planned to work out but had no motivation so I made coffee then decided to give the kids a special breakfast.

Everyone seems really happy about a thin layer of peanut butter on french toast instead of any syrup and the strips are easy for Pumpkin. So stick people was the next step.



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