Weather was not bad so right after work we headed to the park.




After the park we headed home and Jon, Amanda and their girls came over to grill and play. We made some really good sweet potato fries. Everyone had a good time. Saturday morning we had breakfast then went to run some errands. We hit up 2 restores and got some materials for a mini kitchen and some lights we can modify for the real kitchen.


We also bought some dried nature store stuff.

and then hit up the McDonalds playplace.My good kid chowed down on a cheese burger.

My pretty good kid stuck with her normal chicken nuggets when she was not climbing the plastic tubes.

Everyone was rewarded with ice cream

We went home and the girls took naps and Heath went next door to plan a shower. I made a blueberry pie and home made oats and whole wheat crust.

The leftover crust went around a pile of diced apples and cinnamon.

Then we headed to Tony and Felicia’s new house and ate a bunch of chili and checked out the new pad. Then we headed home for bed.

Sunday we mostly worked on things around the house. We did all the laundry and a bunch of cleaning. Heath and I both got to run for a bit. I got all the crown molding for the great room and hallway sanded down.


Then I got a coat of primer down


This morning I got another coat of paint down.

We ate leftovers for dinner Sunday then went to Peanut’s first indoor soccer game.

 IMG_7255  IMG_7253

The coach went over plans while we waited for an earlier game to go. Peanut immediately volunteered for goalie. The team took the field and warmed up.


Then the game started. Each team gets 3 players and a goalie and they sub out every 3-4 minutes.


Peanut and I had talked goalie and indoor quite a bit before and he came out really aggressive and impressed everyone. We finished the 1st half up 5-1.

Peanut started the second half on the bench and the other team started doing better. They got within 2 points of us a few times but we continued to score.


Peanut got 2 goals of his own.


It was 11-6 at the end of the game  IMG_7292

It was late and we rushed home to get the girls and then us into bed.






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