Bundled Baby


We woke up to snow.


Not much, but it was still snowing pretty hard and that’s always fun.


Last night was mostly uneventful. Pumpkin had tumbling class and Bean and I came home to cook dinner. We tried a weird pizza crust recipe from Aldi. http://aldi.us/us/html/service/2744_20021_ENU_HTML.htm

Potato Flatbread

I pealed then shredded potatoes, dried them out then flattened them down and baked them. They needed to bake a lot. Eventually I topped them

and baked them some more.They didn’t look bad.

but I knew the taters did not stick together well. We ate them up but I can’t imagine making it again. We are not a gluten free house we can eat better. Our pizza does not need to taste like potatoes.

For the rest of our evening I worked on our media center computer. I upgraded everything to Windows 8 and got all our little tweaks and stuff working again. Poor Heath had a relative in Chicago die and she spent most of the night talking with family and making travel plans for the funeral.


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  1. Kelly says:

    Maybe breakfast pizza would be good on the potato crust?

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