Pink Nails


I picked up Pumpkin after school and we headed home and quickly got a lasagna in the oven and the wood stove loaded up. Then we opened up a case of girlie stuff and got busy.

First we painted her nails.


She picked out the pink of course.

Then we put on some sticker earrings.


She saw some stickers and wanted one but it turned out to be a tatoo. She wanted it on her hand, right on the knuckles.


I was a little concerned she was going to ask if I wanted a kiss and then punch me but instead she asked if she could color now.


While she was busy, I had a beer and watched the final episode of season one of Hell on Wheels. I really liked the first season. Hopefully nexflix will get the 2nd season.

Once that was over we tossed the lasagna, brockoli and some bread in the truck, tossed some wood in the stove and rushed off to Kevin and Sharon’s house too see the twins, and I guess the parents.

I think I got to hold Brady when I got there and Conner was sleeping on his mom. Pumpkin was shy at first then wanted to show off. We talked, ate dinner and had some home made Dr. Pete from Kevin’s soda machine. It reminded me of when our girls were newborns but I can’t imagine the sleep deprivation from twins.

Pumpkin got craby and it got close to bedtime so we rushed home. On the way we got ice cream just because mom is not home and it’s a special night. We got Pumpkin ready for bed, finished the ice cream and read books and told stories.

Once she was down I built up the fire some more, did dishes and other straitening then added some programs and did some more setup on our media center. All night I was just stalling till I could read my book and eventually gave in and read a bunch before falling asleep.

I ended up skipping my morning exercise so I could read some more. Then I got ready for work and took Pumpkin in some breakfast and Dora in bed.


I said “I thought you would like some breakfast in bed this morning” as I turned up the lamp. She said “Oh dad, I would really like that, YEAAHH!”and then tore into her pink donut with sprinkles.


She watched Dora and I read and then I took a bite of the other donut and she exploded in tears and yelling. “That donut is for Buba!”. Peanut’s at his dads until tonight and I did remember mentioning maybe he could have the other donut sometime yesterday but I did not realize how set in stone that was. Eventually I was able to calm her down but I may have to buy Peanut donuts tomorrow.

We got her all fed and dressed and Dora-uped then headed to school. One of Pumpkin’s friends came up to tell her good morning and stuff and I said good morning to her but got her name wrong and Pumpkin got really upset at me again. It took me a while to even figure out I messed up her friends name but breakfast 2 at school got her feeling better.

Peanut will be home after school to help me out and Heath and Bean home late tonight so things should be back to normal soon.

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