2 More Weeks In The Bottle


Friday Heath was on her way home from Chicago. I picked Peanut and then Pumpkin. They wanted Breakfast for dinner so once we got home I got them busy coloring and I made pancakes.


They also wanted sausage and bacon and wanted to watch a movie and have a fire upstairs and down. It was an easy night to please the kids. I made myself a couple tuna-fish avocado sandwiches. I packed up some tools and stuff in the truck and we had a pretty laid back night.

Heath and Bean got home in the middle of the night sometime and went to bed.

In the morning I got up early, got the fire going good and then headed to my moms. For Christmas Heath and I gave her a day of labor and I got right after it. The first job was the stairs to the basement. We tore up the old carpet on them.


Then pulled out all the old nails and pulled out the old staples and mom scraped off some padding and cleaned the stairs good while I headed upstairs.


The main project for the day was painting these big dark brown beams in the vaulted ceiling in the family room.


I think the ceiling is like 14 feet high and the rough cut beams were a really dark brown. Heath and Mike joined in and we got busy.



We took a break for lunch and Kelly brought us pizza then we took another break for Peanut’s soccer game.


He played goalie the first half and shut the other team out.


The second half he got on the field and scored a goal.


The other team got a point with like 6 seconds on the clock and they finished at 7-1 it was a good game.

We got back to work on painting until we started getting tired and sloppy. Then we went home and thanked Heath’s mom for watching the kids and made dinner.

Once we got the kids in bed Heath and I started watching House of Cards a really good Netflix show.

We got to bed at a reasonable time and in the morning I got up early and rushed back to moms. I brought Pumpkin with me and her and Mom played while Mike and I painted.


We finished up the last coat and it turned out really good.



We finished up and Pumpkin and I headed home. Heath and Bean had just gotten home from church and Peanut was at Sunday school. We got Pumpkin dressed and some lunches packed and then Pumpkin and Heath picked up Peanut and went to a baptism. I got busy cleaning house and making superbowl food.

I made a couple dishes of 11 layer dip, speghetti and beans.

When everyone got home Pumpkin took a nap and Peanut and I started bottling my Chocolate Coffee Stout.


We started making a mess so Heath jumped in and helped us out.


Peanut really had fun filling bottles and is excited to do his own Rootbeer kit soon.


Once all the bottles were filled, capped and labeled we cleaned up the kitchen, then ourselves then Bean Heath and I took naps too.

A bit later friends started coming over and we the game started.


There were lots of kids


and they seemed to have lots of fun


And everyone ate




the game ended and people headed home. We got the kids in bed and we were right behind them.


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