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Heath left work early to pick up Peanut and get him to soccer practice. I picked up the girls and headed home determined to have dinner ready to go when they got home. I tossed some unhealthy frozen pork rib shaped patties in the toaster oven. Pumpkin calls them baby’s ribs and I call them McRibs. I also cooked up a potato, sweet potato and butternut squash medley, some baked beans and green beans. I had it all ready to go when they got home. While I was busy cooking the girls told me how hungry they were and played.



Dinner was pretty good. Bean ate half a patty and Pumpkin and Peanut each ate 2 plus all the other stuff. We had leftover Superbowl Key-lime pie for dessert. Then we tossed the kids, some shopping bags and a quarter in the van and headed to Aldi.

Photo: Get your quarters out Peoria, IL – ALDI is expanding in your neighborhood. We’re excited to open a new store tomorrow at 3429 N. University. Swing by and check out our grand opening celebration sweepstakes!

We loaded up on produce and some other things. Bean fell asleep on the way there but woke up when getting out of the car and then fell asleep again on the way home so she went right to bed when home. Pumpkin got on pajamas and Peanut took a shower and then he read to her and told her stories and started doing his homework. Peanut was willing to do anything we asked last night with no eye rolling because he knew we were on the verge of buying him Minecraft on the iPad.

Heath and I got out some paper, pencil and measuring tape then started scheming around the kitchen.  IMG_3794

We came up with some lengths and plans and such for our mason jar lights around the island. Then we bought minecraft on the iPad and sent Peanut to bed.

Once he was gone we watched an episode of House of Cards before bed. This morning I was excited about lights plan and started building a box.


Once I had it pretty close to what I think we want…


I went ahead and tossed on a coat of black stain.


phase 2 will be dismantling the restore lights and installing them in the box.


Heath and Peanut headed to work/school early so I was on my own to get the girls ready for school. We decided to have tutu day.

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