Pink Eye


No post yesterday because I was home with Pumpkin. Actually I took both girls to the doctor first thing yesterday morning and then got Pumpkin on eye drops.The rest of the day I tried to to keep her relaxed, eating and drinking and resting. While doing that I had time to work on the light boxes in the kitchen.

I’m not sure where I left off with previous work. I built a little box.


stained it with black stain (same stuff as our mantle and mirror frame)


then I took apart some lights we got at restore and wired them into my box.


I also drilled some holes in the box


and in some jar lids


Then I put it all together



Then I took it upstairs and found a joist to screw too and made some little holes for screws and power cable. I put my screws inside the jar lids to hide them.


It looked pretty good but I think it was obvious the box only had 1 coat of stain and the jar lids were kind of glaringly white.So I took it down, taped around the metal rings then painted inside the jar lids and put another coat of stain on the wood.

Pumpkin finished watching a movie at this point so once done staining we ate lunch and watched Toy Story in the basement while things dried. Once she was done with Woody she headed to bed and I let her watch Dora in bed but she fell asleep pretty quick. While she was sleeping I got in the attic and did all the wiring stuff up there then stuck the box up.



The rest of the day I folded laundry and made dinner and swapped out light-bulbs with Heath.


We are pretty pleased with the whole thing so this morning I started on a 2nd box for the other side. Once that one is in I expect to work on a 3rd large box for the backside of the island w/ 5 lights with cooler jars and some additional features.

For dinner we tried out a stew that started from me wanting to try out the dry split peas we got a while back. After dinner we had some brownies that had black beans, peanut butter and honey greek yogurt in them.

Sounds weird but they were excellent, I ate 2 big ones and brought a 3rd to work today. After dinner I stuck Bean in the sink and squirted in some soap for bubbles.

 20130206_182149    20130206_182152

She was not sure what was going on at first.  Then she decided they were pretty fun.


Luckily for us she is still doing fine but pink eye is pretty contagious and the night before we knew Pumpkin had it they took a bath together.


Then played cupcake car in pajamas.



So hopefully the rest of us avoid the pink eye or “peanut-butter in your eye” as Pumpkin calls it.

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