Crown Molding: so far so Meh

We had a plan in place. I made a lasagna yesterday morning so as soon as we got home we got the girls playing, tossed the lasagna in the oven and started cutting, laying and shooting nails in crown molding boards.


For the most part everything went really well.



but not everything


and it was not easy. Like most houses nothing is quite square and unlike most houses we had a lot of walls that are now gone and varying layers of ceiling. The drywall guy did a good job of making it look smooth but when you add a strait piece of trim it gets pretty noticeable how curvy the ceiling is.

We only put a few nails in each board at first and got everything fitting then went back through and smashed things into place. That joint above is better but still not good. The seam was in a really bad spot. So we made some progress on the crown but we probably will need to pull a lot down and try something different.


We did take a break to feed the girls

The lasagna was weird and had no meat and instead had a lot of black beans, shredded zucchini and shredded sweet potatoes. It was actually pretty good and all of us cleaned a plate and got more.

The girls also got baths and books and bed.

Once quite hours hit we could not work anymore and decided to watch House of Cards, relax, and occasionally look up at the terrible seam and make frowny faces.


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