Bedtime Birthday Wishes

Happy slightly late birthday Mom.

I picked up the girls and we cruised right over to dance class. Pumpkin ate a PBJ on the way. Heath met up with us shortly after class started. Usually one of us will go get dinner ready but dinner was being taken care of so we both decided to walk to Goodwill across the street. Usually we never find anything good at this goodwill but it was on fire last night. We got lots of great things for everyone. It took up nearly the whole hour but we got out of there with 20 nice items and the most expensive were $2.49.

We headed back across the street to find Pumpkin not in her class but sitting on a chair. Heath guessed class had gotten done early but that was not the case, Pumpkin was causing trouble and would not stop. So she got in trouble with the teachers and with us. Then we headed home.

On the way home Heath spotted some trash in front of someones house and made us go back to get a diamond in the rough.


She found this old green dresser. At first I thought no way, but it is pretty cool. It’s all good solid hard wood and big enough for 2 girls who share a room. 1 drawer needs some glue and obviously the whole thing needs to be sanded and refinished but I think we can do something pretty cool with it. The drawers have a weird groove handle on one side and normal hardware on the other.

So we brought at 21 items and 2 kids home. I built up the fire, Heath grabbed Bean’s chair and we headed next-door for dinner with cousin Rachel and Alex.

Dinner was really good and we were ready and dug in. Pumpkin was still being a stinker but once Rachel got out the cheesecake Pumpkin caught up on eating so she could help.


After dessert Pumpkin played Disney princesses and Bean eyed the dogs suspiciously and the rest of us had a bit of wine and talked.The girls got tired and so we headed home to get them in bed.


They both went down fairly well. Then Heath got busy making cookies.

and I headed downstairs to wash all the news clothes and play in the shop.


I started building our 5ft long middle light box and it went fairly well. Until I went down to check on my glue job this morning and discovered I had the main big flat piece upside down. So I’ll need to find a replacement for it.

Then Heath and I watched another episode of House of cards and tested out her cookies.


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