Valentines Date Night


I think we will do some fun valentines stuff with the girls tonight. This morning I made pink pancakes with sprinkles,


for Pumpkin I cut them into hearts and added yogurt and more sprinkles.


We also wrote her name on a bunch of valentines and put her in some new pink clothes with hearts on them but with Pumpkin that is pretty standard.

Last night I dropped the girls off at Jon and Amanda’s or should I just say the Sander’s. We found out last night they got married on Tuesday. Crazy stuff

Anyway after I dropped the girls off I headed home and Heath and I split an old bottle of Boulevard Chocolate Ale. Then we headed to Bier Station in Waldo.


It’s a new really cool bar/liquor station. They have big fridges you can buy beer to drink there or to go. They have all sorts of cool stuff and a bunch of good stuff on tap but no waitresses or anything. We really liked it.


After drinks we picked up the girls and found out about the surprise wedding and stuff. Then we got the girls in bed. I helped a minute then tossed some chili in a tortilla and drove to meet up with Geoff, Kevin, Matt and Mike for a drink. I was fairly late but had a good time seeing them and talking. I got home at bedtime and loaded the stove and got to bed.

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