A Relaxing Asian Valentines Dinner


I’m fighting a cold or something, so yesterday afternoon I headed out of work early and went home to an empty quite house and slept. It was great till Heath turned the light on. She was home from work and we needed to get the girls and I needed to get up if I was going to sleep at night time. So we headed to school and the girls had a fun day and were pretty excited and hyper (sugar rush). We had discussed several dinner ideas but never settled on anything so decided to hit up Aldi and get what we needed and see if anything jumped out at us.

Aldi went well and we loaded up on produce and stuff and came up with several tasty ideas. Heath happened to see some General tso sauce and we decided to go with that. It was going to be an Asian Valentines dinner.

All our stomachs were growling so we quickly loaded up the stove.

and the toaster oven.

While Heath and I created dinner, Pumpkin created art.

Dinner was ready pretty fast and it turned out so good. We lit some candles and dug in.

I thought I made twice as much as we needed so we could have good lunches too but we nearly ate it all. We had good dessert plans but decided to get some exercise first. Pumpkin had said she wanted to go on a walk for Valentines earlier in the night so we tossed the girls in the stroller and took a brisk 1 mile walk. Once home we had brownies, ice cream, strawberries and whip cream.

Then we washed the girls, washed the dishes and put away laundry.


Heath and I hopped in bed just after Pumpkin was down and read a bit then got to sleep super early so we could get 9 hrs of rest.




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