Sickly Again

Where’s Waldo Pumpkin                                                                     (in the bat cave)

Pumpkin was not feeling very well the later part of yesterday, last night and this morning. Hopefully some rest today fixes her up.

Friday we hung out around the house.


I made home made taquitos for the kids.


I stuffed beans and chese into tortillas and then fried them. Heath and I had some healthier burritos. AJ, Stephen and Becky came to play and talk and everyone had fun.

Saturday I worked on the kitchen light boxes and we cleaned and Heath went to an opening hop vine cutting ceremony at Bier Station and then we went to Peanut’s soccer game.


He actually had 2 games this weekend 1 Saturday afternoon and 1 Sunday morning.


He played goalie almost 3 of the 4 total halves and the team won 1 and lost 1. He did get to play the field some too and he had a lot of fun.


The fans had fun too.


After soccer we went to McDonalds. The kids had some coupons for free stuff to cash in.


First they got apple slices, then apple juice, then ice cream.


They took breaks between each to play.



After ice cream we headed home.


Shortly later we went to Mike’s house to celebrate Nana-Ks birthday.


We had pizza, salad, fruit and drinks. Mom got a nice big picture of the grand kids and she gave Bean a cool hat.


We went home and got to bed kind of early because we had an early Sunday with soccer and Sunday school and being determined to get the lights done. Once all that stuff was done we headed to the Nature Center in Swope Park. They had already closed but our neighbor works there and showed us a pelican then we headed to the park.


Peanut has no school today so he had a friend over to spend the night and they ran around crazy and Pumpkin kinda poked around with us instead of chasing the boys.


Once home the boys headed to Peanut’s room for Legos, Bean took a nap, Pumpkin relaxed in a fort,


and Heath and I got busy on dessert.


Heath made a homemade ice cream cake loaded with sweets.


Mike and Julie came over and brought Waldo pizza and salad for dinner.


We kept the kids entertained and hung out and talked and ate until bedtime.






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