If you didn’t guess, I stayed home with sick Pumpkin yesterday and didn’t bother to post. Pumpkin had a decent day lounging around the house.


Whenever she got bored, rearranging furniture fort materials seemed to be all she needed.


She didn’t eat much Sunday or Monday but she finally started eating some.


When she was not on the ipad she was watching movies on the tv in the family room or from our bed. While she was recovering I worked on the house and kept an eye on work work things. The first project went pretty quick. There are 2 light switches that have too big of holes for the boxes like this.


So I took off the plates to fill in with mud.


It went pretty well but takes a long time to dry


While it was drying I started working on the vent hood for the oven.Most of my day was spent getting just the right hole for the vent cut,


The pipe run through it and attached to the van with no gaps and then adding some wood to screw to.



All of this went really well. I got Pumpkin fed and down for a nap and then started working with metal.


From this point on things didn’t go as well. I thought this folded metal stuff would tie in with the jars and pipe and look really good wrapped around our oven hood but I’m not sure how to make it look good.It was pretty tough to cut and really tough to bend the direction I needed to bend it. I measured and cut really carefully and got it just right.


Then moved it up and added a couple screws.


I could add a lot more screws and I could go back and trim some extra off the edges but the whole thing looked so bad I was not sure it was worth the attempt. The bends look bad but the whole thing looks so big and shiny and sticks out.


Any ideas?

I left it as is to wait for Heath to get home. Pumpkin got up from her nap and I had scheduled time for books after nap and needed to get dinner going so we could eat early before scouts.

When everyone got home we had breakfast for dinner and then dessert leftovers. Peanut and Heath headed to soccer and then I gave the girls a long bath, bathed them, read a bunch of books and put them to bed early. Then I worked with the radio station a bit about the plaza fire and then Heath came home and we watched House of Cards before bed.





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  1. Ben Clark says:

    Trim the folded metal out in 1×3 dark stained wood. Cedar or Cherry. It will match the lights and cover the folds. Continuing with the warm and rustic look.

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