More Snow


Monday night we had planned to go to a photography class but the weather canceled it. Pumpkin really wanted to play outside so we still ate dinner quick so we would have time to head outside.


Bean has slept during most all of our snow play so we brought her along. She was not really excited about the snowsuit.


At that point it had not started snowing again so we mostly played on our fort.


Bean didn’t really enjoy herself too much and Heath and her headed inside.


Pumpkin and I played until dark and until Rachel came over to join us for hot chocolate and a little chi cake Heath made.

We hung out with Rachel and the kids played a while and then went to bed. A bit later it started to snow and they canceled UMKC for the next day. Stephen and Becky came over. We played Spades late into the night.

The morning we had lots of snow again.


We took it easy most of the morning and worked on random projects. We hung out with Stephen and Becky over lunch and then put the kids down for a nap. After nap Pumpkin and I headed outside again and I got the new snow shoveled and Pumpkin played.


We played in the house a while then I cooked a bunch of stirfry for dinner and we took baths and got ready for bed.

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