Prewitt Shake

Last night it was getting dark after dinner and we were not sure what to do with our night. We came up with a whole family activity that everyone enjoyed.We joined the internet crazies and made our own Harlem Shake video. More info on the Harlem Shake fad:

There are like a million of these videos online and we made it a million and 1 now. It was a little bit too much dancing after all the takes but the kids loved watching videos for ideas, picking out costumes and shaking their booties. I’m sure Peanut is at school today telling his friends about his ninja turtle crocodile dance.

Besides choreographing our masterpiece, Peanut had his last soccer practice for a bit, I made some pasta stuff for dinner

and Bean stole the ipad from Pumpkin and started using it.


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2 Responses to Prewitt Shake

  1. Kentaro says:

    great video, so fun!

  2. Lyndsey says:

    Oh my god this is the best Harlem Shake video ever. Good job!

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