Tumbling and Eating

There were no crazy fun video making last night like we did the night before. I did watch the completed videos with Peanut a few times while cooking dinner. Heath took Pumpkin to dance class right when I got home from work. Bean had a little snack and Peanut did his homework while I got dinner cooking. I was hungry and made a bunch of stuff.

Peanut and I helped practice walking with Bean and did some laundry and cleaning while we waited for the girls to get home.

Once home we were all ready for dinner.

We dug in and everyone cleaned their plates and most of us had 2nds or 3rds.

Then Heath took Peanut to scouts and I tossed the girls in the tub. They played and got cleaned and we didn’t spill out too much water. Once they had pajamas on I let them play in their room and I started folding laundry.They got flashlights and turned the lights off in the room and played in the tent with the lights.

Bean was actually really having fun and laughing with with flashlight.

Eventually it was time for milk and books and teeth brushing then bed for the girls.

I went back to folding laundry until it was all folded and our whole bed was covered. Heath and Peanut got home and put stuff away in drawers and Peanut got a shower. I headed downstairs and did some exercise then Heath and I climbed in bed. We read/watched tv until asleep.


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