Busy Kiddos


Yesterday Heath and Peanut left for school early to participate in Muffin’s with Mom. I got the Pumpkin fed and when Heath got her muffin fill I headed to work.

Pumpkin probably ate like 3 breakfasts then everyone got dressed and they headed to the Zoo with Josie and Amanda.


Not being there I don’t really have the scoop but here are my fav pictures of their adventures.








After the zoo they went home and took naps then rushed to pick up Peanut from school and then strait to the Success by Six playroom.


The ladies that run it were at a conference and asked Heath to pitch in and run it for the night and she brought all her helpers.



I got a few groceries on the way home then met up with the there. The kids helped me build a castle.


We got just about all the toys out and had a lot of fun. Our tummy’s got hungry though so the kids and I headed home. I tossed together a quick dinner and the kids ate and watched a movie. Bean finished first and had a nice sink bath.

Heath got home as I was putting on her pajamas and she fed her and put her to bed. Pumpkin was jealous and wanted a sink bath so she squeezed into the sink and played while Heath and I ate.

Heath was pretty beat and after getting Peanut ready for bed she headed to bed. I got Pumpkin in bed then worked out a bit and played power tools in the shop for a bit before joining Heath.

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  1. Becky says:

    Where is the picture of Pumpkin squeezing in the sink bath? I imagine it was hilarious!

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