Bean’s 1st Birthday Party

Friday started out with me rushing to get the girls and get home and ready. Jon showed up as I was packing the truck and then we drove down the street. We tossed a rope over a tree limb tied it to the truck and then cut down a tree. Once it was cut most of the way though, Jon and I pulled on the rope really hard and pulled the tree down. It went perfectly.

A neighbor said it had been dead a while and wanted it gone. We expected it to be rotten but it was all nice dry oak.

Jon was short on time so we quickly cut it up into carry-able chunks and loaded the truck. We took two truckloads of wood home then Jon and his girls had to go. I went back for 3 more loads of brush before it got dark.

Heath and I made dinners and played with the girls. Then we tossed them in the bath.

Sink bath that is.They talked and played and made bubbles and ate bubbles and mostly “painted” the window.

We did not even bother to soap them up and wash them, it was mostly a play bath. After baths they headed to bed and Tony and Felicia came over. We talked and hung out and had a few drinks before bed.

In the morning I made breakfast then Heath and the girls headed to Spanish class at the library and I headed to my brothers house to help move. He rented a Uhaul and was all packed up but he and his fiance have a lot of stuff. We set a hard fast pace and got busy. Luckily the new place was only a few blocks but unluckily there were a lot of stairs and we could not get the truck in a very convenient space.

I headed home at 4ish and we had almost all of it moved. Once home we headed to Walmart for several things we had been needing for a while and several things for the party. We had not been in a while and took our time. After Walmart we were all starving so we got Pizza Shoppe.

Once home we put the kids to bed and Heath and I got busy making cupcakes, blowing up balloons, cooking potatoes and cleaning the house.


We got a lot done and still got to bed at a reasonable time. Everyone slept and slept Sunday morning. Eventually we got up and got busy preparing for the party. Just before 10 I headed to Aldi for some more groceries, trying to get there just as they opened. I was surprised the place was already busy. Shortly later Heath called to tell me we forgot about daylight savings time. We were an hour behind on everything.

We hurried but decided I should stay home during Peanut’s soccer game and finish getting things ready.


Peanut’s last game went well and they won so we think his team was first place.He played goalie the first half and scored 2 goals the second.


Eventually we got everything decorated, prepared and ready for the party.



Before long our families started to show up.



We had a big ham, mashed potatoes w/ gravy and cabbage. After dinner we moved right into dessert.


We made Bean her own little cake and she was pretty happy getting all the attention as we sang to her and waited for her to eat.


It didn’t take long for her to dig in.


Of course she loved it.


and made a mess of herself.


The video at the top of this post is kind of long but it is the unedited footage of her first cake and pretty funny.


After we had cupcakes we put Bean in the sink real quick.


Then got her dressed again and let her open presents.


We got her the cool pink chair. She actually dug into the bags to get the stuff out.


With lots of help from her siblings.


Pumpkin was a little bummed it was not her birthday too.


But some lotion and a new hat from Nana-K helped. After presents the house cleared out pretty quick. Heath took Peanut to his Dad’s and I got things cleaned up really easily. Bean laid down for a nap and slept pretty hard.

We relaxed and snacked on leftover food and drinks the rest of the night.

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